In celebration of
The Ba'al Shem Tov's
300th Birthday Anniversary
5458 - 5758 (1698 - 1998)
The Lubavitch Library presents
Chasidism on Display

A Unique Exhibition Featuring the Earliest
Printed Works of The Chasidic Movement
At the
Exhibition Hall
The Lubavitch Library
The exhibition will feature seforim (books)
printed in the fifty-year period
following the Ba'al Shem Tov's passing
(1760 - 1810)
as well as paintings and portraits
of great Chasidic leaders

WEDNESDAY, THE 18th of Elul, 5758 (September 9th, 1998) marks
the 300th anniversary of the Ba'al Shem Tov's birth.

In tribute to the Ba'al Shem Tov, and in celebration of 300 years of Chasidism, the
Lubavitch Library will open a limited exhibition of rare worth and fascinating history: "Chasidism on Display".

"Chasidism on Display", to be opened for a limited time only in the Library's Exhibition Hall, will present to the public a priceless collection of Chasidic texts and books. Printed in the first 50 years after the Ba'al Shem Tov's passing (1760-1810), "Chasidism on Display" is an authoritative selection of the Chasidic movement's oldest, most original and very first printed works.


Despite the Ba'al Shemtov's holiness, popularity and increasingly large numbers of followers, not one sefer of Chasidic thought was printed throughout his 26-year reign from 1734 to 1760. Neither did the Chasidic movement see any printed work under the helm of his successor the Mezritcher Maggid, in the period spanning the years 1760 to 1772.

Toldos book The first "Sefer Chasidus" to appear in print was "Toldos Ya'akov Yosef", whose first printing was run in Koretz, Ukraine, in 1780.

"Chasidism on Display" is exhibiting the earliest seforim (books) of Chasidism, printed between 1780 and 1810 - the first generation of Chasidism in print. Almost all of these seforim are commentaries on Chasidism. However, among the Chasidic greats, there were those who also wrote on Halachah and Kabalah. For a more inclusive portrayal of the generation, "Chasidism on Display" will offer to the public a glimpse at these works as well.

Throughout printed Chasidism's first generation, over 100 seforim written by Chasidic masters were published. Original copies of most of them are kept in the Library's archives today, and are presented to the public in Chasidism on Display.

"Chasidism on Display" - a special exhibition in tribute to 300 years of Chasidism, is available to the public from Isru Chag Shavuos - Elul 18, 5758 (June 2 - September 9, 1998).

Following is a list of all the Chasidus Seforim, printed in years 1780-1810.

Note: The seforim which are on display in the exhibit are linked below.

The Ba'al Shem Tov
Likutim Yekorim, Lemberg 1792
Tzavo'as Horivosh, Zolkiew 1793
Likutei Yekorim, Mezyrow 1794
Likutim Yekorim, Mezyrow 1798
Kesser Shem Tov Volume 1, Zolkiew 1794
Kesser Shem Tov Volume 2, Zolkiew 1795
Tzavo'as Horivosh, Zolkiew 1795
Tzavo'as Horivosh, Zolkiew [1796]
Tzavo'as Horivosh, Lemberg 1797
Kesser Shem Tov, Korzec 1797
Likutim Yekorim, [Zolkiew 1800]
Tzavo'as Horivosh, [Russia or Poland] 1803
Seifer Mi'ra'bi Yisroel Ba'al Shem Tov, Zhitomir 1805
Seider Tefilah Al Kiverei Tzadikim, [Russia or Poland 1810]

The Magid of Mezhirich
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Korzec 1781
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Korzec 1784
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Lemberg 1792
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Ostrog 1794
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Lemberg 1797
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Korzec 1797
Or Torah, Korzec 1804
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Zolkiew 1804
Magid Devorov Leya'akov, Berdichev 1808

Students of the Ba'al Shem Tov
Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef of Polonnoye
Toldos Ya'akov Yosef, Korzec 1780
Ben Poras Yosef, Korzec 1781
Tzofnas Pa'anei'ach, Korzec 1782
Toldos Ya'akov Yosef, Korzec 1783
Rabbi Aryeh Leib Mochi'ach of Polonnoye
Kol Aryeh, Korzec 1798
Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Primishlan
Darchei Yeshorim, [Zolkiew] 1794
Darchei Yeshorim, Zhitomir 1805
Darchei Yeshorim, [Russia or Poland 1805]
Rabbi Meir Margoliyois of Ostrog
Meir Nesivim Volume 1, Polonnoye 1791
Meir Nesivim Volume 2, Polonnoye 1791
Sod Yachin Ubo'az, Ostrog 1794
Haderech Hatov Vehayoshor, Polonnoye 1795
Rabbi Shabsi of Rashkov
Seider Tefilah Mi'kol Hashanah Im Kavonas Ho'AriZal, Korzec 1794
Seider Klolus Tikkun Va'aliyois Ho'oilomois, Lemberg 1788
Rabbi Moshe Shoham of Dulina
Diverei Moshe, Russia or Poland 1801

The Students of the Magid of Mezhirich
Rabbi Avrohom Moshe of Brahilov
Mayim Kedoshim, Mezyrow 1790
Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk
No'am Elimelech Velikutei Shoshana, Lemberg 1788
No'am Elimelech, Sklow 1790
No'am Elimelech, Slavita 1794
No'am Elimelech, Polonnoye 1804
Bris Avrohom, Polonnoye 1802
Rabbi Elizer Bar Meir Halevi of Pinsk
Si'ach Hasodeh, Sklow 1787
Rei'ach Hasodeh Volume 1, Sklow 1795
Rei'ach Hasodeh Volume 2, Sklow [1795]
Rabbi Binyomin of Zelazitz
Ahavas Dodim, Lemberg 1793
Hagadah Shel Pesach with Chelkas Binyomin, Lemberg 1794
Amtachas Binyomin, Minkowce 1796
Rabbi Zev Volf of Zhitomir
Or Hame'ir, Korzec 1798
Or Hame'ir, Korzec 1806
Rabbi Yosef Bloch of Holshitz-Stanov
Ginzei Yosef, Lemberg 1792
Rabbi Yosef Yaski Halevi of Rovna
Yesod Yosef, Minkowce 1803
Likutei Yosef, Minkowce 1803
Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef of Ostrog [Rav Yaivee]
Rav Yaivee, Slavita 1792
Mora Mikdosh, Korzec 1782
Mora Mikdosh, [Lemberg 1793]
Mora Mikdosh, [Russia or Poland 1805]
Rav Yaivee, Ostrog 1798
Rabbi Yitzchok Eizik of Korzec
Bris Kehunas Olam, Lemberg 1796
Rabbi Yissachar Dovber of Zlatchov
Bas Einai, Dubno 1798
Mevaser Tzedek, Dubno 1798
Rabbi Yisroel of Koznitz
Be'er Hagolah, Nowydwor 1804
Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev
Kedushas Levi, Slavita 1798
Kedushas Levi, Zolkiew 1806
Pirush Al Ha"Zechirus", Mezyrow 1794
Mishnayos with his commentary, Berdichev 1809
Midrash Rabos with his commentary, Minkowce 1799
Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk
Iggeres Hakodesh, Mezyrow 1794
Iggeres Hakodesh, Zolkiew 1799
Iggeres Hakodesh, [Zolkiew 1800]
Iggeres Hakodesh, [Berdichev before 1810]
Iggeres Hakodesh, [Russia or Poland 1810?]
Iggeres Hakodesh, [Russia or Poland 1810?]
Rabbi Menachem Nochum of Czernobil
Me'or Einayim, Slavita 1798
Yismach Lev, Slavita 1798
Yismach Lev, Zolkiew 1800
Me'or Einayim, Polonnoye 1810
Rabbi Moshe of Pshevarsk
Or Pnei Moshe, Mezhirich 1810
Rabbi Moshe Chayim Efrayim of Sudylkow
Degel Machanei Efrayim, [Berdichev 1808]
Degel Machanei Efrayim, Korzec 1810
Rabbi Uziel Meizlish
Tiferes Hatzvi, Zolkiew 1803
Rabbi Pinchos Ba'al Ha"Haflo'ah"
Kesubah, Offenbach 1787
Hamakneh, Offenbach 1801
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Nadvurna
Alpha Beisa, [Russia or Poland] 1790
Alpha Beisa, Zolkiew 1794
Alpha Beisa, [Ostrog] 1794
Alpha Beisa, Podberezce 1796
Alpha Beisa, Nowydwor 1799
Alpha Beisa, Lemberg [1800]
Alpha Beisa, [Russia or Poland 1800]
Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the Alter Rebbe
Tanya, Slavita 1797
Tanya, Zolkiew 1799
Tanya, Zolkiew 1805
Tanya, Zolkiew after 1805
Tanya, Zolkiew after 1805
Tanya, Sklow 1806
Hilchos Talmud Torah, Sklow 1794
Hilchos Talmud Torah, Lemberg 1799
Lu'ach Birchas Hanehenin, Sklow 1800
Lu'ach Birchas Hanehenin, Zolkiew 1801
Lu'ach Birchas Hanehenin, [Russia or Poland 1801?]
Lu'ach Birchas Hanehenin, Korzec 1801-3
Lu'ach Birchas Hanehenin, Lemberg [1804]
Siddur Tefilah according to Nusach Ho'Arizal, Sklow 1803
Siddur Tefilah according to Nusach Ho'Arizal, Kopyst Missing Year of Print
Siddur Tefilah according to Nusach Ho'Arizal, Kopyst Missing Year of Print (Second edition)

Students of the Maggid's Students
Rabbi Avrohom Aryeh Leib of Strizov
Even Pinah, Lemberg 1804
Osos Hashomayim, Zhitomir 1805
Rabbi Aharon Hakohen of Apta-Zelichow
Or Hagonuz Latzadikim, Zolkiew 1800
Oneg Shabbos, Lemberg 1793
Rabbi Eliezer Hurwitz of Tarnigrad
No'am Megodim Vechavod Hatorah, Lemberg 1807
Rabbi Elazar of Lizhensk
Iggeres Hakodesh, Lemberg [1785]
Rabbi Zechariah Mendel of Yeruslav
Darchei Tzedek, Lemberg 1796
Darchei Tzedek, Lemberg 1796
Darchei Tzedek, Lemberg 1801
Darchei Tzedek, Russia or Poland 1810
Darchei Tzedek, Zolkiew 1810
Rabbi Chayim Gavriel Bloch
Yefei Nof, Lemberg 1795
Amirah Ne'imah, Podberzece 1803
Yefei Nof, Lemberg 1808
Yefei Nof, Lemberg 1809
Rabbi Chayim Ozer Hakohen
Nachal Eshkol, Dubno 1809
Rabbi Yisroel Nachman of Drohovitch
Pekudas Hamelech, Livorno 1804
Rabbi Meir son of Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev
Kesser Torah Volume 1, Mezyrow 1803
Kesser Torah Volume 2, Zhitomir 1806
Rabbi Nachman of Breslau
Likutei Muharan, Ostrog 1808
Likutei Muharan, [Russia or Poland] 1809